Idlib: Warplanes Rendered Six Vital Facilities out of Services within Two Days

Jisr al-Shugur Hospital left out of services following air raids – July 10, 2019 (The Syrian Civil Defense)

Jisr al-Shugur Hospital left out of services following air raids – July 10, 2019 (The Syrian Civil Defense)


The aerial raids initiated by the Syrian and Russian warplanes in Idlib have rendered six medical and service facilities completely out of service.

Today, on Thursday, July 11, the Russian and Syrian warplanes, reported Enab Baladi’s correspondent for Idlib, have targeted six service facilities continuing the raids they started yesterday evening; the facilities include hospitals, medical centers, a Syrian Civil Defense (SCD) center and a school.

The last of these frenzies took place today, targeting the SCD’s center in Ma`arat al-Nu`man city with 14 missile raids, launched by Russian warplanes. This strike left the center out of service and caused massive damage, as the SCD documented.

These raids were led by missile attacks conducted by warplanes, which landed in the Jisr al-Shugur Hospital, western Idlib, yesterday, causing critical destruction and rendering the hospital out of service.

Barrel bombs have also targeted the Kafar Roma Medical Center in southern Idlib, also yesterday, in addition to Russian raids that hit the SCD’s centers in Khan Shaykhun.

Several other raids targeted the Medical Center in Saraqib, eastern parts of Idlib.

The aerial shelling conducted by the Syrian regime’s helicopters and Russian warplanes put the medical and service facilities out of service totally, not to mention the massive destruction that befell equipment and buildings, according to the SCD.

Idlib is suffering a military escalation on the part of the Syrian regime and Russia, for the United Nations/UN has recorded 25 strikes that targeted 25 medical facilities and employees, in addition to 45 attacks on schools since the end of April up to July 5.

On its official platforms, the Syrian American Medical Society/ SAMS, has today, July 11, reported that the Ma`arat al-Nu`man Hospital has yesterday suffered aerial raids while it incubated more than 250 persons, consisting of patients, injured persons and staffers, of whom 48 were infants and newborns.

“We confirm that the strike has inflicted massive damage upon the hospital,” SAMS said, adding that “the coordinates of the Ma`arat al-Nu`man Hospital and the Saraqib Medical Center, targeted yesterday, were shared with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) according to a coordination exchange mechanism, aiming at sparing the humanitarian facilities the [harm] of military operations.”

This comes a day after the Kafr Nabl Hospital, southern Idlib, was hit by the warplanes’ artillery munition, though its coordinates were shared with Russia, according to a statement made by Mark Kates, the deputy director of OCHA.

Russia is facing international charges of bombarding hospitals and medical posts during the latest military campaign in Idlib, north-western Syria.

For his part, Mark Lowcock, Under-Secretary-General for OCHA, demanded that Russia presents explanations of the methods according to which is using the coordinates of medical centers in Idlib.

Briefing the Security Council on June 26, Lowcock said that he is “not sure” the system was fulfilling its role, speaking of the deconfliction mechanism.

“I have written to the Russian Federation to request information as to how the details provided through the deconfliction mechanism are used,” Lowcock added.

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