Northern Syria: Three Violet Organization Paramedics Died on Duty

Violet Organization’s volunteers rescuing civilians in Idlib (The Organization’s official website)

Violet Organization’s volunteers rescuing civilians in Idlib (The Organization’s official website)


“This flower fades away so that others enjoy its appearance and fragrance, just the way Violet Organization has made sacrifice and selflessness its top values.”

It is thus that Violet Organization defines itself, through these ideals which it considers a part and parcel of its values and vision upon serving the population of Northern Syria.

The Organization consists of about 750 volunteers and almost 350 employees, who operate in the different areas of Northern Syria, while Idlib is the center and the platform from where it launches its humanitarian activities, represented by healthcare, nutrition, education and IDPs’ support, not to mention the volunteering and emergency program, so far its largest project, according to Msalam Sayed Issa, the Organization’s media spokesperson.

The Organization has lately taken over the media landscape in Idlib, as it lost three of its volunteer paramedics in the aerial raids that made a direct target of the Organization’s ambulance in Ma`arat al-Nu`man, southern Idlib, on June 20.

The attack caused the death of three of its volunteers and injured others, who all operate within the emergency team, as they tried to rescue and help the civilians who endured the aerial raids that targeted the area.

The three volunteers are: Saer Bahloul, a father of two and a volunteer for three years, Mahmoud al-Mustafa, a father of a little girl, a student at the Department of Education and a volunteer for three and a half years, and Abdulqader Nahtan, a student at the Nursing Institute and a volunteer for three years.




In the past a few years, the Organization lost four of its volunteers, including an engineer who functioned as a manager of one of its programs. They have all died in the aerial raids of the Russian warplanes while attempting to rescue civilians.

With the efforts of a group of young people, Violet kicked off in the city of Idlib late in 2011. It, then, became known for its work in the fields of relief, emergency and psychological support in Northern Syria. At the end of 2013, the Organization started operating officially, in partnership with international organizations, launching an educational program solely for the camps.

The Organization’s volunteers seek to resemble violets, famous for their attractive color and beautiful scent, as they hold on to the traits of modesty, elegance and respect upon addressing civilians, which the Organization’s motto highlights.

In the current phase, Violet is focusing on projects supporting the population’s stability and livelihoods, which include solar power, medical centers and irrigation projects, in addition to providing farmers with poultry hatcheries, seeds and other materials, Sayed Issa said.

Throughout the past seven years, the Organization implemented a dozen of relief and humanitarian projects and concentrated on the internally displaced persons by offering education-related services and camp specific humanitarian projects, in addition to those covering healthcare, first aid and emergency, which distinguish the Organization’s activities.

Violet, registered in Turkey, is a partner of the United Nations Population Fund-Syria (UNPF) and is supported by the UN funds, Turkish, European and Arab organizations.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Organization has started the implementation of 16 humanitarian projects, five of which have been finalized, with the number of beneficiaries amounting to about 625 persons, according to Sayed Issa.

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