GAV Project Aims at Harnessing Youth Energy in Qamishli

A group of young men and women within the framework of the “Rainbow” project at the PÊL Center in Al-Hasakah- 18 May 2019 (PÊL page on Facebook)

A group of young men and women within the framework of the “Rainbow” project at the PÊL Center in Al-Hasakah- 18 May 2019 (PÊL page on Facebook)


Enab Baladi – Qamishli

In order to empower young people and create the space to enhance their capacities, civil organizations in Qamishli called for registration in a project titled GAV, a Kurdish word which translated to “step,” targeting a wide segment of youths in the city.

The project, organized by PÊL – Civil Waves, seeks to invest in young people’s energy in contributing effectively to the process of progress and change, as well as creating spaces for dialogue and addressing different challenges through seminars and discussions.

The two-month project targets a wide range of young people aged 18 to 33, said Jian Ibrahim, the media officer at the organization, who confirmed that the organization’s staff, coordinators, observers and the media office, run the project without any financial support.


PÊL – Civil Waves was founded under the name ASKYA in September 2011 at the Swedish Parliament building in Stockholm, before it was renamed in June 2013 at the Berlin-Germany State Parliament building. It has also launched several media projects and associations in the north-eastern region of Syria.

Dialogue Sessions to Create Spaces for Young People

On May 12, and through its Facebook page, the organization announced that the goal of the project is to achieve better and more effective support, and create a flexible space for young people, discuss their issues and challenges in the education sector, educate them about environmental degradation, build capacity and increase their experiences, in order to empower them to contribute and participate in change, and to make an impact.

The activities of the project include training workshops on developing the leadership capacities among young people, developing their skills, increasing their expertise and empowering them according to strategic plans and programs that concern them and their issues and challenges, according to Ibrahim.

The activities also include dialogue sessions, questionnaires, films and entertainment activities, awareness-raising campaigns, lectures on advocacy, governance and other lectures that contribute to educating young people and introducing them to civil society.

According to Ibrahim, these events will create a space for young people of different backgrounds to discuss the challenges facing them, build their capacities and strengthen them, empower them to meet challenges and develop their character and leadership skills to contribute seriously to the development and advancement of the local community.

She pointed out that the youth’s interest in the activities of the project has been decent, which encourages the organization to conduct the project at a broader scale in other areas where the PÊL organization has centers, namely the city of al-Hasakah, Darbasiyah, Maabadah (Girkê Legê), and al-Qahtaniyah (Tirbespî‎).

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