In Different Parts of Syria, 44 Regime Personnel Died on the Same Day

Elements of Assad’s forces taking a photo in rural Daraa – July 2018 (Reuters)

Elements of Assad’s forces taking a photo in rural Daraa – July 2018 (Reuters)


On Saturday, April 20, the Syrian regime lost a dozen of its troops in various attacks in Syria, undertaken by the “Islamic State” (IS) on the one hand and opposition armed groups, operating in Northern Syria, on the other.

The attacks synced with the Syrian regime’s statements that are stressing the end of on ground military action, after it [re]controlled massive areas of Syria.

Enab Baladi, here, reviews the details of three attacks that targeted Assad’s forces on Saturday, causing the death of 44 personnel whose destiny was not officially declared, but reported by pro-regime networks, which documented their names individually.


Desert Ambush

On “Telegram”, the IS-affiliated Amaaq Agency posted a report, saying that 20 of the Assad’s forces troops were dead and others injured in an ambush near Mount Bishri, the east of the city of Sokhneh, Homs Desert.

The Agency added that the ambush started on Friday, April 19, when the Assad’s forces attempted to trace the track of the IS armed groups after an attack they launched on Thursday, April 18, in the northern part of the city.

According to the Agency, the confrontations where all types of weapons were deployed, continued for about 24 hours; and the ambush resulted in the death of three officers and 17 personnel of the Assad’s forces, in addition to which IS’ militants rendered four vehicles malfunctioned and seized seven four-wheel vehicles, tow  machine guns, various weapons and munition.

The details reported by Amaaq were confirmed by the Palestinian al-Quds Brigade, which announced breaking the siege over 500 personnel of the Assad’s forces in the desert region after they were ambushed by IS.

On Saturday, the brigade posted onto its “Facebook” page that they managed to release tow Assad’s forces brigades, who were on a mission in search for Colonel Nadir Saqer and his group of the “18th Division”, which was lost a few days ago in the Syrian desert in the village of al-Kum, al-Sokhneh area.

The Brigade said that the two lost brigades were subject to two surprising attacks by IS’ militants in the area of Beer el-DD, rendered many of them either dead or injured, while the rest were besieged in a rugged area with many mudflows.


Rural Latakia Ambush

A few hours from the former incident, a pro-regime network mourned, on “Facebook”, the death of five personnel of the Assad’s forces, in an ambush set for them in northern rural Latakia.

The personnel are Ali Ramadan Jwaihra (Jableh), Ali Hassan Mahmoud (Jableh), Zain Issa Habob (Tartous), Hussam Ali Gunaim (Al Qutayfah),  Hamza Jaber Mehrez (Lattakia), who died in an ambush in the village of al-Saraya, northern rural Latakia.

This attack corresponded to the escalation of the shelling of the Assad’s forces of the villages and towns in the rural parts of Aleppo and Idlib, despite the fact that the “Sochi” deal, signed by Turkey and Russia last September, is still in force.

The “Sochi” deal provides for a complete ceasefire between the regime and the opposition and the establishment of 25 kilometers wide demilitarized zone.


Attack in Western Aleppo

The attacks, targeting the Assad’s forces, in the north were not limited to the rural parts of Latakia, for they have also targeted the western rural parts of Aleppo, where “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham” (HTS) announced the death and injury of seven of Assad’s forces personnel in a “suicidal” attack, it conducted against their posts in the area of al-Rashideen , western Aleppo.

According to HTS, the attack led to the death of more than 30 personnel, including officers, and the injury of others, in addition to the death of four HTS suicide militants.

A pro-regime network, including Ahwakey Ya Halap/I Am in Love with You Aleppo, mourned the death of 19 personnel, including Assad’s forces officers, who were killed in the al-Jabass market in an attack by HTS.

Other networks reported that among the dead were Lieutenant Colonel Walid Khalil Baik, Lieutenant Ali Rahmoun, and the following personnel: Dirar al-Shaikh, Ahmad Mansour, Muhand Jlailati, Ahmad Rihawi, Ziyad al-Hayek, Bilal al-Aji, about whom it said that they died in defense of Aleppo in the al-Jabass market.

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