Assad’s Forces Repeated Attempts at Sneaking in to Idlib, Commanders Explain Clarify the Reasons  

Assad’s forces’ officials heading towards Idlib governorate’s fronts – November 29, 2018 (Fifth Division/ Military Media)

Assad’s forces’ officials heading towards Idlib governorate’s fronts – November 29, 2018 (Fifth Division/ Military Media)


The fronts of Idlib governorate are witnessing repeated attempts of infiltration on the part of the Assad’s forces, seeking opposition factions’ posts, though Sochi deal, signed by Turkey and Russia last September, is yet in action.

These attempts are accompanied by a constant artillery and missile shelling on the southern and eastern rural parts of Idlib, the city of Jarjnaz and the villages surrounding it in particular, from where all the population has fled in search of safer areas.

The “Jaysh al-Izza,” Army of Glory, functioning in rural Hama, has today, Friday (December 7), announced combating an Assad’s forces’ infiltration attempt at the front of the southern al-Lataminah village, rural Hama, near al-Ma’sara post, north of Masasneh town.

“Immediately, a counter attack was launched and the post recontroled,” the Army said in a statement.

The current attempts came in parallel with the military reinforcements brought in by Assad’s forces to Idlib’s surrounding, in a step to launch a military operation in the upcoming days, according to pro-regime news networks.

In the past a few days, the networks reported that the reinforcements were basically located at northern rural Latakia and northern rural Hama.

The al-Ma’sara military post, to where the Assad’s forces sneaked, does not have any “militants” to defend it, as it is located at the center of the confrontations area, near the “Army of Glory’s” posts, Colonel Mustapha Bakour, official spokesperson of the Army said.

We believe that the sneaking attempts on the part of the Assad’s forces and the reconnaissance operations “aim at pulse taking in the frame of preparing for upcoming military operations, which might be at a larger and wider scale,” he added telling Enab Baladi.

He explained that these attempts’ goals are varied, triggered, first of all, by the regime’s and Iran’s dissatisfaction with the Russian-Turkish deal, and thus they aim to abort it.

The second goal is the Assad’s forces attempt at creating a state of chaos among civilians, who returned to the demilitarized zone, especially to northern rural Hama.

The Assad’s forces attempt at infiltration to the posts of the “Army of Glory” came one day after their attempt at sneaking in to the opposition factions’ posts at Tell Touqan village, eastern rural Idlib.

Khalid Wadah, “Tahrir al-Sham’s” foreign affairs official, said that his faction’s forces have combated an infiltration attempt on the part of Assad’s forces yesterday, December 6, at the Tell Touqan, eastern rural Idlib.

He added: “The confrontations continued for hours before the infiltrating groups retreated.”

He told Enab Baladi that this type of attacks aims at surveying the posts and fronts and collecting information about their points of strength and weaknesses, pointing out that “we are dealing with the enemy’s forces on that ground; accordingly, it will not achieve its goals of these attacks.”

For its part the “National Front for Liberation” combated readiness in the past days at the key military fronts with the Assad’s forces in rural Idlib, following the latter’s reinforcements it has brought in the area’s surrounding.

Naji al-Mustapha, the “National Front’s” spokesperson, has posted a statement on December 5, in which he said that all the faction’s components were informed of the need to combat readiness at the fronts with the Assad’s forces, after receiving information of reinforcements being brought in the area.

Combating readiness, in Idlib, is not limited to the “National Front,” for “Tahrir al-Sham” has also announced combating readiness in the past days.

“Tahrir al-Sham” has combated readiness only at Idlib’s fronts, in addition to those in northern rural Latakia, according to Imad al-Deen Mujahid, “Tahrir al-Sham’s” director of public relations.

Mujahid added telling Enab Baladi that combating readiness followed the reinforcements brought in by the Assad’s forces, the objectives of which, a military operation or another goal, are not clear yet.

Since the Russian-Turkish deal was signed last September, the Syrian regime’s statements stressed the importance of entering Idlib and considered the deal temporary and to be followed by a military operation to storm the governorate.

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