Turkey Offers to Supply al-Bab City in Rural Aleppo with Electricity

An old man driving a motorcycle in the city of al-Bab following its liberation – March 19, 2017 (Enab Baladi)

An old man driving a motorcycle in the city of al-Bab following its liberation – March 19, 2017 (Enab Baladi)


The Turkish government has provided the city of al-Bab, northern rural Aleppo, with an offer, including supplying the entire city with electricity in less than a year.

The al-Bab Local Council, today (Friday), August 17, has mentioned receiving an offer from a private Turkish company through investors; the project’s cost is 4.5 million dollars, on the condition that the subscription fee be 150 dollars and the implementation duration is no more than four months. The fee to be collected is 17 cents per kilowatt.

The second offer was proposed by the Turkish Government’s Electricity Company, which conditioned no subscription or fees; the money collection process demands half of the price assigned by the first offer, while the implementation duration is no more than eight months.

In a consultative seminar conducted by the local council, yesterday (Thursday), the second offer was passed after having the opinion of “specialists and attendees.”

The council, in a statement published on its social media accounts, said that the Turkish government promised to bring in water to the city and increase the salaries in the future.

Since the beginning of 2018, three investor companies started projects in Northern Aleppo; the last of which was a company that supplied the city of Azaz with electricity, after years of its absence; this project is viewed as the largest of its type in the area.

In the past a few months, the city of al-Bab witnessed the entry of Turkish investors; however, targeting limited fields, away from the services needed by the civilians, including water and electricity.

The local council in the city of al-Bab has, lately, signed a contract with “Euro Beton,” that provides for building a concrete mixing site in the city.

In a former interview with Mahmoud Nasar, the head of the local council’s media office, he said the signed contract provides for the production of concreate that is ready to be used in construction processes, in return for providing a place for the project by the local council.

He pointed out to Enab Baladi that steps are undertaken as to provide electricity or to bring it in from the Turkish territories.

Molham Jazmati, a researcher in the Syrian Economic Forum, has previously told Enab Baladi that Turkey aims to consolidate its presence in the area, not only at a military level, but also economically, as to win the reconstruction file in the area.

النسخة العربية من المقال

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