What Syrians Should Do Now?

The Syrian Revolution Has Ended

Syrian journalist and Syria correspondent for Reporters Without Borders

Syrian journalist and Syria correspondent for Reporters Without Borders

By Mansour Omari

Translated from Arabic by Enab Baladi

Though its heart-breaking, I am skipping all the emotional talk and symbolism of the end of an orphan dignity revolution in a world of rights and democracy.

Now, nothing will deter Assad from trying to control every inch of Syria, backed by the Putin regime, and the international community abandoning the Syrians.

The international community

The EU countries want to end the war in Syria at any rate, and to classify it as a safe country for the return of the refugees who, in many EU views, have caused an economic and security crisis that has led to the escalation of populist movements, and threatened to dismantle the European Union itself.

The United States sees no interest in Syria that requires pressure to stop Russia.

Border countries

Israel wants a secure border, and Netanyahu does not object to Bashar Assad’s re-governing the country and stabilizing its regime, provided that Iran and Hezbollah are excluded from Syria. The first beneficiary of Iran’s removal from Syria is also Assad, who will get rid of the Iranian control that has penetrated his security and military apparatus.

Jordan and Lebanon want to get rid of the refugees in any way because of the burdens they are talking about.

Iraq is in close alliance with the Assad regime, with Iranian blessing and supervision.


All of the above, would not have ended a people’s revolution, had its politicians didn’t turn into cards and employees in the hands of all but the Syrians, and had its military factions didn’t deviate from the first demands of the revolution and fought among themselves turning into mercenaries, and committed the same crimes and violations the Syrians revolted against.

The first and last responsible for the failure of the revolution are the Syrians themselves.

Assad will repeat his massacres in the areas of Idlib to control them, and then will hold an agreement with the Kurds and regain the areas they control, to end what Turkey sees as a threat, and to allow Turkey to withdraw its hand from northern Syria.

What is left of the revolution of a people who sacrificed everything, to build a real homeland, not a farm for the Assad’s family?

Nothing. The revolution is over, and the Assad regime will return more savagely than before.

In the next stage, Syria will become a swamp of corruption and tyranny unparalleled in the world. Some European countries may not recognize the Assad regime again, and I say may, but Assad regime will return to playing its role in the international community and the United Nations, with the support of Russia, Iran, China and other dictatorial regimes.

It will be necessary to continue to communicate safely and cautiously with the Syrians under the control of the regime, and to document and reveal violations committed there.

Two major issues affecting millions of Syrians outside Syria, are left now: justice and return.

The next phase will witness the crisis of returning Syrians to Syria, despite the possibility of them being subjected to many dangers and violations.

The work to bring justice to the victims and their families will not stop, and there must be a surge and more activity at this stage.

Outside of Syria, the efforts for justice for the victims and their families will not stop.

The Assad regime, having almost done with the military battle on the Syrian land, will direct more time and efforts to extend its criminal hand to the expatriate Syrians as well as the foreigners who work in the field of justice in Syria, as in the past in assassinating and persecuting its opponents all over the world, or even trying to use bribery and temptations for others. Therefore, any Syrian or foreign activist in this field and any area of ​​rights or political opposition, should take security precautions into account, maintain their work and be responsible of the confidential information, contacts and data kept in their laptops, home computers or mobile phones, and their social media communication and use, so as not to cause harm to those communicating with, or keeping their information, such as testimonies. If possible, taking security courses in this regard.

The greater Assad war is no longer military, but primarily cyber.

Have Syria lost the blood of martyrs and all the sacrifices?

Maybe, so at least we must work now to hold the criminals accountable, especially the Assad regime, on top of all those who committed crimes against the Syrians. Blood may have been lost, but the right of the victims to justice will not be lost no matter how long it would take, only if there is someone working for it.

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