The “Four Cities” File Closed with Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah Towns’ Evacuation Deal

The departure of all civilians and fighters from the two towns of Kafriya and Al-Fu'ah, Northern Idlib- July 19, 2018 (Idlib Media Center)

The departure of all civilians and fighters from the two towns of Kafriya and Al-Fu'ah, Northern Idlib- July 19, 2018 (Idlib Media Center)


The evacuation process of fighters and civilians from the two towns of Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah has completed under the deal signed by Iran and “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham”.

Imad al-Deen Mujahed, the Director of “Tahrir al-Sham’s” Public Relations, told Enab Baldi today (Thursday), July 19, that the number of the people who left Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah reached six thousand people.

With the finalization of the Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah file, the curtain would be brought down on the “Four Cities” deal signed in April 2017, conducted in Qatar by Iranian representatives and others from the opposition factions.

Back then, the deal provided for the departure of both al-Zabadani and Madya’s fighters and civilians, who refused to stay, to Northern Syria, in addition to the al-Yarmouk Camp, in exchange for the complete evacuation of the two towns of Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah’s people, in tow portion and the release of 1500 detainees, held in the Syrian regime’s prisons.

“Tahrir al-Sham” and “Ahrar al-Sham Movement” arrived at the deal with Tehran under a Qatari auspice.

Last Tuesday, “Tahrir al-Sham” reached an understanding with Iran, concerning the evacuation of all the fighters from the two towns of Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah, in return for the release of fighters and prisoners detained by the Syrian regime.


The deal provides for the release of 1500 prisoners from the Syrian regime’s detention centers, on the condition that 80% of them is detained in the duration from early 2018 to the end of last April; 10% is arrested in 2017, in addition to 10% who have been arrested prior to 2017.


The deal has also provided for the release of 37 fighter prisoners from Iran’s prisons in the Al-Sayeda Zainab, area, in addition to other four prisoners held in the Al-Fu’ah town.


“SANA”, the Syrian official news agency, has reported that 120 buses and dozens of ambulances entered the two towns to conduct the evacuation. The buses have already arrived at the Tall Al-Eiss passage, in preparation to transport the evacuees to the temporary housing centers.


Activists have published images of the arrival of detainees, the number of whom is 400, to Tall Al-Eiss passage to conduct the exchange process. Mujahed, for his part, said that there is a studied exchange mechanism, refusing to reveal its details in the meantime.


Mujaed pointed out that the agreement between Idlib Operation Room and Iran aims to protect the area and purify it from the Iranian militias, and it was desired and supported popularly at the level of civil and military bodies in Northern Syria.


Following the completion of the evacuation process, Kafriya and Al-Fu’ah Operations Room issued a statement, announcing the two towns a military zone, to which non-concerned militants and civilians are not allowed access, seeking to demine the areas and make sure that they are habitable.

The statement also prevented all factions from initiating military points in the meantime, on the condition that displaced people and evacuees have the priority to inhibit the area after canvassing it is completed.

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