Southern Syria Deal to Be Implemented in Three Stages

Assad’s forces troops after controlling the border crossing of Nassib – July 7, 2018 (Facebook)

Assad’s forces troops after controlling the border crossing of Nassib – July 7, 2018 (Facebook)


Southern Syria deal which the opposition factions in Daraa governorate have sealed with the Russian side is put into force to be implemented in three stages; the first of which started yesterday, Friday July 6.

Sources, informed of the negotiations, have told Enab Baladi today, Saturday July 7, that the deal’s first term provides for an overall cease fire in Daraa governorate and Assad’s forces entry to Nassib border crossing.

The sources added that the deal is to be implemented in three stages, the first of which is the factions’ retreat from Nassib; the second is Assad’s forces entry to the area of Khrab al-Shahem from Nassib; the third phase starts from Khrab al-Shahem towards the Yarmouk Basin.

Yesterday, Friday, Assad’s forces have declared their complete control over Nassib border crossing.

The Syrian regime’s official media have published videos showing the admission of dozens of the regime’s troops to the crossing, where its flag was also hoisted.

The spokesperson of “al-Bunyan al-Marsoos” Operation room, known as “Abu Shaimaa”, said that the current deal includes the opposition-held areas from Bosra al-Sham to the Yarmouk Basin.

As for the opposition-held areas in the north-western rural Daraa and Quneitra are not yet a subject to any deal.

“Abu Shaimaa” has also said that some factions are demanding to be allowed the departure to Northern Syria, fearing Assad’s forces’ success in the implementation of the second stage, reaching Khrab al-Shahem, which will place the whole area under a complete siege.

Yesterday’s deal includes the displaced people’s return to their cities and towns which they fled, on the condition that Nassib border is to be run mutually, under a Russian supervision, in addition to raising the flag of the Syrian regime alone.

The deal also provides for the legalization of dissidents and prosecuted people within a time frame that will be defined later and the spread of Assad’s forces in their positions prior to 2011 under the frame of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force agreement in Golan Highest.

The terms also provide for handing over heavy and light weaponry of the factions in a gradual manner while Daraa governorate is to be entirely run by the Syrian regime, with the participation of the personalities who have already legalized their status.

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