An Exhibition of Teaching Aids in Rural Idlib

Exhibition of teaching aids in rural Idlib – April 9. 2018 (Enab Baladi)

Exhibition of teaching aids in rural Idlib – April 9. 2018 (Enab Baladi)


Teachers in the southern countryside of Idlib organized an exhibition of paintings, curriculum drawings and auxiliary figures, in an effort to promote the process of education and make it more flexible and attractive to students.

On Monday, April 9, the third “Majd al-Sham Charity School” in the town of Ma’arzita, south of Idlib, hosted the exhibition and a ceremony honoring the winning teachers, who participated in the competition, seeking to overcome the lack of educational facilities in the region through resorting to teaching aids.

Abdul Basset Younis, the supervisor of Majd al-Sham schools, told Enab Baladi that the exhibition came at the request of teachers for the second time, after the first competition was held in the first semester.

The exhibition was supervised by “Majd Center for Training” and Rehabilitation, and included dozens of paintings, of which 11 won.

Younis considered that the models and drawings in this version were more qualitative compared to the previous exhibition, and included innovative ideas.

Diana Mourad, one of the participating teachers, considered her participation as an opportunity to test the skills she possessed and to assess the usefulness of the theoretical abilities she acquired during her study, as well as the best means to apply them in practice.

She added that these aids are useful in giving interactive lessons to students, in a way that stimulates their senses and brains, which increases their understanding and establishes the information more, for, in this case, they depend on something tangible and do not count on imagination.

The teacher hoped that this experience would be repeated in the other schools of the region, calling for the adoption of this method in teaching.

Mohammed Al-Saleh, a teacher at the third “Majd Al-Sham” school, was one of the winners of the exhibition. He told Enab Baladi that he participated in the exhibition “due to the importance of the means in supporting the mission and the development of students’ talents, as well as the effort and time it saves the teacher while communicating the idea.”

During the first semester of the school year 2016, “Majd al-Sham” schools began their work, after rehabilitating their buildings. They provide their services to about 1500 students in the elementary education stage; one of these schools includes all levels of education up to secondary school.

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