Children Killed and Wounded in the Shelling of Northern Homs

A child was killed in the artillery shelling of northern Homs - 9 January 2018 (Syrian Civil Defense)

A child was killed in the artillery shelling of northern Homs - 9 January 2018 (Syrian Civil Defense)


A child has been killed and others have been wounded due to the bombardment that targeted the area of Houla in the northern countryside of Homs.  The shelling has also targeted other cities and towns in the area.

Enab Balad’s reporter in the northern countryside of Homs said that artillery shelling has targeted the town of Kafr Laha in Houla plane, which killed a child and wounded others. The shelling continues while the news is being written.

The Syrian regime usually does not publish the details of its military operations and its targeting of the northern villages of Homs.

Since August 2017, the area has been under the “de-escalation agreement,” that has been conducted, in Cairo, with a Russian guarantee and to which the regime shows no commitment by stopping the shelling which is considered a violation of the agreement.

The opposition is in control of the northern countryside of Homs, which witnesses deteriorating humanitarian conditions due to the siege.

The Syrian Civil Defense said that the child Mohamed Mfdi Sayed Ali, aged six years, was killed in the bombing.

According to the reporter, two artillery shells targeted the village, by Assad’s forces stationed at the Water Establishment checkpoint and the pro-regime villages surrounding the area.

Other two children were injured, according to the reporter, who said that the regime has positioned a new sniper at the Water Establishment checkpoint, who immediately started targeting the people crossing the area.

Ritaj al-Dhaher, a little girl, was killed and three others were wounded in the shelling of the residential areas in the town of Talbiseh today.

In the past a few days, the cities and villages in the northern countryside of Homs, especially Houla city, have witnessed air and missile strikes by  Assad’s forces due to which more than ten people died and dozens got wounded.

In the past a few weeks, the Friday prayer has been canceled more than once as a result of the intensive shelling that the area is witnessing.

The “de-escalation” agreement ensures a ceasefire as a key provision, as well as the reactivation of civil affairs and aid admittance to the area.

However, the agreement is still vague to the day, especially in relation to the detainees’ file, of which the opposition demands an immediate implementation while R

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