Peace She-Leaders: To Activate the Leading Role of Woman in Al-Hasakah

Kurdish women in the campaign of Peace She-Leaders in al- Hasakah (Peace She-Leaders Network)

Kurdish women in the campaign of Peace She-Leaders in al- Hasakah (Peace She-Leaders Network)


‘Peace She-Leaders Network’ plays a fundamental role in the city of Qamishli in al-Hasakah Governorate. The organization seeks to enhance women on an economic, social and political level, as well as improving women’s capabilities in the different fields of action.

The ‘Kurdish Self-Managment’ granted the organization a license a week ago. Stare Qasim, the Head of the Organization’s Executive Committee, told Enab Baladi that the organization, founded in 2017, is a network for coordination and cooperation consisting of civil society associations, human rights and political organizations. The Network seeks to defend women’s rights and cause; it also aims to enhance the pioneering role of women in achieving civil peace and tranquility in the entirety of Syria.

The Network’s vision centralizes on the quest to achieve a democratic civil community, where social justice rules and women enjoy a fundamental social status and play an active role in enhancing civil peace and harmony.

The Network also aims at empowering Syrian women politically and administratively to play their leading role in the process of establishing peace and promoting a culture of tolerance, which leads to the building of a society in which social justice’s values dominate and women have the right to participate in making political decisions.

The region suffers from an acute political dispute, which materializes in hate speech in the Arab-Kurdish society, a speech which war and the different political and military statements of the conflicting parties have created.

The Network attempts to communicate with Syrian women everywhere to achieve its goal in establishing a civil peace in Syria.

After attending a workshop in Beirut titled “Facilitating Dialogues and Consultative Meetings,” which brought together a number of civil community organizations’ representatives from various Syrian cities, Qasim, in the context of communication, declared that the attendees agreed on the necessity to cooperate in the different fields of work.

While the Network seeks to activate the Syrian woman’s political role and to attain her right in participating in the process of decision-making, Qasim confirmed that the organization does not follow any political agenda and that its work is limited to triggering and enhancing women’s role in society.

Qasim also stated that the Network is based on the concept of diversity, which constitutes its point of strength. All women and those who belong to different national backgrounds are welcome to enlist and participate in the Network’s activities.

Qasim summarized the Network’s message as follows: The Syrian woman has the right to be at the center, where decisions are made and that this space is not limited to men anymore, which will contribute to the establishment of a righteous and healthy society.

The Security Council’s resolution No.1325 is the shared compass which guides all the members of the Network. The resolution states the importance of the equal and full participation of women as an effective element in achieving a sustainable peace.

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