Syrian Regime’s Representative in Aleppo Agreement Negotiations is Brother of Fateh Al-Sham Leader

: Omar Rahmoun in a meeting with a commander from al-Assad’s forces, September 2016 (Internet)

: Omar Rahmoun in a meeting with a commander from al-Assad’s forces, September 2016 (Internet)


Enab Baladi has obtained a copy of the Aleppo agreement signed between factions of the Syrian opposition and the Syrian regime, mediated by both Turkey and Russia.

The agreement was signed between the head of the Security and Military Committee in Aleppo, Major General Saleh Zaid, and Russian Lieutenant General Vladimir Samnchenko.

The representative of the Syrian Government in the negotiations was Sheikh Omar Rahmoun, while the Syrian opposition’s negotiator was al-Farouk, head of negotiations in the Leadership Council of Aleppo.

The Terms of the Evacuation Agreement for Evacuation of Fighters From the Remains of the Eastern Neighborhoods of Aleppo

Dated 13 December 2016.

  • Evacuation of militants with individual weapons only
  • Evacuation of militants or civilians who want to leave Aleppo towards its western side.
  • The Syrian and Russian forces will guarantee their safe evacuation until the meeting point of Al Raqqah where the militants and their families have to leave the buses.
  • Commitment to respect the ceasefire by both sides during the evacuation of militants, as assured by the negotiating team, represented by Sheikh Omar Rahmoun.

Syrian Government represented by: [signature]

Russian Government represented by: [signature]

Negotiating team of the Government: [signature]

Negotiating team of the opposition: [signature]

Rahmoun tweeted yesterday evening on his account:

“We reached an agreement to evacuate those under siege and the implementation of that agreement has started”.

Last month, he stated that, “Aleppo is not being destroyed.. Aleppo is returning to the control of the Syrian Army after it was stolen from the revolutionaries by terrorists.”

According to information obtained by Enab Baladi, Rahmoun was born in the city of Halfaya and holds a masters degree in Islamic Studies. He was an activist in the revolutionary armed movement and established the movement of “Ahrar al-Sufiyya” in the province of Hama at the beginning of the revolution.

He is the brother of Sami Rahmoun (Abu al-Alamayn), former leader of the “Abu al-Alamayn” brigades in the Syrian Free Army and currently a military leader in Fateh al-Sham.

Omar Rahmoun disappeared after leaving the province for Turkey.  Last February, he joined the “Army of Rebels”, which is part of the “Democratic Syria” forces.

He then appeared in pictures with the Shabiha (regime militia) and al-Assad’s forces in Damascus last September, sparking angry reactions.

Abu al-Alamayn was wounded twice and lost his hand in the battle of Aleppo in 2012. At the time, he was part of the Free Syrian Army along with Abdelqader al-Saleh. He was wounded for the second time while fighting with Fateh al-Sham in the latest battles in Aleppo. He was detained by Fateh al-Sham for six months before joining them.

Meanwhile, his brother Sheikh Omar Rahmoun was debating the Syrian revolution and blaming Salafism for “corrupting” it.


“My brother, Sami Rahmoun Abu al-Alamayn, was injured in the battle to break the siege of Aleppo and his friend Jaber Abu Zeid was martyred.”

After returning to Damascus, Rahmoun was seen on the Russian base of Khmeimim, according to Enab Baladi’s sources, which they say proves his role in the latest agreement.

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