Qusai…is not only “Abu Abdo Al Halabi”


Enab Baladi

Perhaps it was not a coincidence the sequence of the scenarios of “Um Abdo Al Halabieh” episodes to begin and end with a sad scene of the little girl Rasha, showing her absent-minded at times, and tearing at others, since her “husband”, her friend, her inspiration and her rock, has permanently gone, leaving behind painful memories, engraved in the minds of many people of Aleppo and Syria, who will never forget his dialogues and smiles.

He is the lead actor of the first part of a series known as “Abu Abdo Al Halabi”, he was admired by hundreds of thousands of “YouTube” followers. He studied at Abdul Rahman Ghafki School, till the Syrian revolution broke into his life at the age of 10, when his reality changed to become a martyr while attempting to cross the Castello road on the 8th of June this year.

The rebel artist, paramedic and relief worker was not held back by his young age to go through all of the previous experiences. He was creative, as described by all of his trainers. He is the doctor child certified of first aid by Al-Koudos (Jerusalem) Hospital in Aleppo, whose laughter is probably missed by the remains of his house walls, after the regime has shelled and fragmentized it last April, the same way the heart of his mom has been fragmentized upon his departure.

Qusai was not able to witness his 15th birthday, since he left 13 days before that date, to witness the tears of his mom, dad, two brothers and sister; he was the laughter of their house located in Salah El Deen neighbourhood, as they used to call him. He was cheerful, friendly and nice, yet, he is an angel artist in heaven now.

The “spoiled” child entered the acting field when he was in the seventh grade, his school, Abdul Kader Shasho, witnessed dozens of snapshots of mini dramas that he acted along with his friends on the stage of the school, however, the revolution invited him to act in annual festivals, to crown his short journey with his first and last series.

Rasha (Um Abdo) did not realize when she said on the seventh episode of the series; “I wish I were a man so that I won’t leave fighting on fronts, I would continue in my station until we win over the unjust, may Allah never forgive give them,” that she will be crying her “man” many times, after she has lost that who accompanied her for 30 episodes, he, who was her husband, father and companion.

The 50-year-old father, Fahed Obtini, will probably never forget Qusai’s laughter when he told “Um Abdo” there was a mouse under her, after she had asked his opinion about forming a female battalion in Aleppo. The father suffers the pain of separation, as he says, but he is proud of Qusai, whom he has always described as being smart and quick-witted.

Um Qusai probably has no time to use some electric pieces, that now have dust layers covered with “Abo Abdo Al Halabi’s” finger prints. The young active boy, as his mother calls him, as no electric device was ever safe from his attempts to try and fix them by any means, but, who would jump with rejoice, once it worked again, after hours of battling that are finally successful.

People of Aleppo hope that “Qusai will enjoy the freedom of his last haven”, as Enab Baladi has spotted on their pages on networking sites, believing that he represents thousands of Syrian children, who left for the sake of the revolution of freedom.

النسخة العربية من المقال

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