ISIS Releases 16 Assyrians in Hasakah


Islamic State released 16 Assyrians on Friday 29 January. They included 4 women and 10 children.

ISIS kidnapped them during carried out attacks on Tell Tamer City, majority Christian Assyrian populated town in Hasakah countryside, in February 2015.

Legalist and activist, Sidar Har Ami from Tell Tamer explained that ISIS released a number of kidnapped Assyrians by rounds including this one. There are still 43 kidnapped Assyrians.

Sidar told Enab Baladi the mediations and contacts with ISIS is ongoing in order to release the rest of the kidnapped since legalists endeavors in the region ‘have succeeded to release significant numbers of kidnapped.’

ISIS had carried out attacks in villages and towns in Hasakah Governorate. The most violent of which was in Tell Tamer Town, last January, when ISIS targeted the town with three explosive vehicles that killed around 50 civilians and caused tens of injured.

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