Samar al-Hamwi, sister of Dr. Majd Kam Almaz, during a campaign demanding the release of detainees and the prosecution of the Syrian regime - July 4, 2023 (AP)

Idlib: New committee to facilitate communication between protesters and Tahrir al-Sham

The Revolutionary Movement Gathering in Idlib announced the formation of a committee to communicate with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and […]

From Bashar al-Assad

Germany begins trial of National Defense member on war crimes charges in Syria

The Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Hamburg, Germany, commenced the trial on Friday, May 17, of a member of the […]

Aggressive messages from al-Assad to Jordan coincide with the Bahrain Summit

Simultaneously with the attendance of the Syrian regime president, Bashar al-Assad, at the Arab Summit in Bahrain on Thursday, May […]

Turkey renews travel permit for Syrians affected by the earthquake in Istanbul

The Turkish immigration offices have begun issuing travel permits for the sixth time to Syrians who are moving from earthquake-affected […]

Nine months of protests to overthrow regime in As-Suwayda

Residents of As-Suwayda organized a central demonstration today, Friday, May 17, in al-Karamah Square in the city center. They demanded […]

Tahrir al-Sham attacks protesters in Idlib

Members affiliated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) attacked protesters in various areas of Idlib, during their demands for the overthrow […]

What lies behind Jordan’s announcement of thwarting Iranian plot from Syria

Just before the commencement of the Arab Summit in Bahrain, Jordan announced the thwarting of a “plot” to smuggle arms […]

AI-generated image (Enab Baladi)

Turkey: Syrian refugees struggle to overcome amputation trauma

Enab Baladi – Reem Hamoud “To preserve your life, we amputated your right leg,” with these words, inside a room […]

Despite dominance of technology, calligraphers continue their craft in al-Hasakah

Al-Hasakah – Majd al-Salem On the sides of main roads and at famous street intersections within the city of Qamishli […]

A tent fire in Yazibagh camp in the countryside of Azaz city - January 14, 2024 (Syria Civil Defence)

More than 2500 fires in Syria’s northwestern region in 2023

The Syria Civil Defense teams extinguished more than 2,670 fires in northwest Syria since the beginning of 2023. The rescue […]

Syrians Forgotten in Dilapidated Tents After Earthquake Hits Turkey

Not only did the earthquake that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6 claim lives, but it also […]

Brussels VIII Conference: European support intentions do not dispel Syrian fears

Jana al-Issa | Hassan Ibrahim | Hani Abdullah In its eighth edition, which carried some differences from the previous seven […]

A Syrian girl cries while other Syrians are preparing to board buses in Istanbul to return to Syria - August 19, 2019 (AFP)

Assad dodges Gaza war

Hassan Ibrahim | Hani Abdullah | Nour al-Haj For decades, the Palestinian cause has been present in the vocabulary and […]

Investigation: How Marota City project left around 30,000 people homeless

An investigative report by the Syria Indicator team revealed the loss of rights of the residents of the Mezzeh-Basateen al-Razi […]

Makeshift oil refineries in Deir Ezzor continue to threaten health and environment

Deir Ezzor – Obadah al-Sheikh Makeshift oil refineries are widespread in most towns and villages in the eastern countryside of […]

Al-Jalamah: A tradition to maintain the health of sheep in al-Hasakah

With the arrival of May each year, the shearing of sheep’s wool begins in various breeding areas across Syria, and […]

Increased power rationing disturbs residents of Latakia and Tartus

The electricity situation in the provinces of Tartus and Latakia has deteriorated since April 15, with power cuts extending up […]

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