Two bombs found in Al-Karama Square in As-Suwayda before demonstration begins

The central demonstration in Al-Karama Square, As-Suwayda - June 7, 2024 (Suwayda 24 - Facebook)

The central demonstration in Al-Karama Square, As-Suwayda - June 7, 2024 (Suwayda 24 - Facebook)


The demonstration organizing committee in Al-Karama Square in downtown As-Suwayda found two remote-detonation bombs this morning, Friday, June 7, just hours before the start of the central demonstration held every Friday.

According to Suwayda 24 on its Facebook page, the two bombs were openly placed on the stage in the square where journalists and photographers stand, indicating that this appears to be an attempt to intimidate the demonstrators.

The bombs, which were connected with wires and batteries, were discovered this morning, Friday, before the demonstrators gathered in Al-Karama Square.

The demonstration organizing committee explained that the youth assigned to protect the square removed the bombs with a bullet-proof vest and took them to the engineering center of the regime forces, as defusing them requires technical expertise, according to Suwayda 24.

Lawyer Ayman Shaib al-Din, the supervisor of the demonstration organizing committee in As-Suwayda, commented on planting those bombs at the demonstration site for the people of As-Suwayda, saying, “We received your message through your explosive bombs,” referring to the Syrian regime.

Shaib al-Din added, “Nothing will deter us from continuing to achieve political change that saves what remains of Syria and the Syrians. We will remain peaceful, and your bombs will not intimidate us, just as your barrels did not before,” according to Suwayda 24.

Hundreds gathered in Al-Karama Square in As-Suwayda today, Friday, chanting for the fall of the regime and political change, the implementation of related international resolutions, the release of opinion detainees and the disappeared, and the promotion of freedoms.

At the end of the demonstration in Al-Karama Square, dozens of protestors moved to the vicinity of the Al-Anqoud roundabout at the northern entrance to As-Suwayda city and carried out a tree-planting campaign, chanting slogans of “Our revolution is peaceful, it sprouted a revolution of flowers and laurels.”

According to Al-Raased network, planting trees is a response from the youth of As-Suwayda to the circulating news about the regime’s intention to set up a security checkpoint at the northern entrance to the city.

While no official clarification has been issued regarding the news about establishing a security checkpoint, local sources told Suwayda 24 that these preparations are not to set up a checkpoint but to prepare a center for selling fuel at cost price.

As-Suwayda governorate continues its peaceful movement demanding political change and the fall of the regime since August 2023, amid repeated attempts by the regime to thwart this movement.


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