Enab Baladi

15 Times More: The Price of an “Egg” in Ghouta Compared to Damascus

A solidarity stand with the people of Eastern Ghouta from the besieged Hula in Homs' northern countryside - October 27, 2017 (Enab Baladi)

In the besieged Eastern Ghouta, the price of a single egg has reached 500 Syrian pounds, the equivalent to 1.2 dollars, according to the exchange rate inside Ghouta, which is 412 Syrian pounds.

The price of an egg “carton” is about 15 thousand Syrian pounds, the equivalent to 39 dollars. In Damascus, only a few kilometers away from Ghouta, the price is 1200 pounds, which is the equivalent to two dollars.

Enab Balad’s reporter in Ghouta said that today, 24 November, the dollar exchange rate has reached 412 pounds for sale and 410 pounds for purchase.


Eastern Ghouta along with Western Ghouta were considered as Damascus’ agricultural reservoir and owned an animal wealth that for years provided needed supplies to the neighborhoods of the capital Damascus.

For weeks, about 350,000 civilians in Ghouta have been living a “suffocating” siege in a frenzy of high prices and rare food commodities. The situation triggered activists to make appeals to the world through “Assad Besieges Ghouta” hashtag.

The United Nations has previously warned of the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the besieged areas in Syria during the coming winter and its impact on children, especially as it expects this winter to be more severe than in the past years.

According to the reporter, the prices in Ghouta today are as follows:

Barely Bread 2400 Milk 750
Sult 10000 Vegan Oil 10000
Barely 2000 Margarine 12000
Maize 1600 Olive Oil Lacking
Tea 11000 Fodder 800
Sugar 16000 Bulgur 3900
Rice 5000 Benzene 7000
lentils 2000 Firewood 400
Bean 1800 Net Oil 5500
21K Gold 16300 18K Gold 13975