Protest against practices of the Kurdish “Protection Units” in Amuda in Syria

Protest against practices of the Kurdish “Protection Units” in Amuda in Syria

Enab Baladi Enab Baladi

Enab Baladi – Online

A number of residents from the city of Amuda protested against the practices of the “Democratic Union party (PYD)” in the city and other Kurdish cities and towns on Wednesday, May 26th, as a respond to the call of the Local Council of “Kurdish National Council”.

Representatives of the “National Council” parties and some of the Youth and Women’s organizations participated in the sit-in, holding up banners condemning the practices of the “Democratic Union” in areas with Kurdish majorities, particularly the forced recruitment decision, which recently included kids, as well as arbitrary arrest in addition to other violations.


Local resources informed Enab Baladi that militants of the “Democratic Union” party had all roads leading to the protest site shut down, in order to prevent residents from gathering in the decided place.

On the other hand, the “People’s Protection Unit”, which is the military wing of the “Democratic Union”, arrested a number of Kurdish young men in Al Jazeera area on Wednesday, applying the law of “forced recruitment” after raiding around 8 villages.

The arrest campaign comes as a result of the need to troops’ recruitment coinciding with the announcement of ground attack of the “Democratic Syrian forces” against the “Islamic State” organization’s sites in Al-Raqqa northern countryside, supported by the International coalition led by the US.